Company Information and Terms

We are a Limited Company with registered number 5360466.

Our registered office address is Chandos House, Heron Gate, Hankridge Way, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 2LR

Our VAT number is 795 8781 48

Our Costs Lawyers are authorised and regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board.

Standard Terms of Business

These Terms and Conditions will apply to all work that we, Renvilles Costs Lawyers & Consultants Ltd, undertake for you.

These Terms and Conditions only apply between you and us. They do not give any benefit or rights to any third party, individual or organisation. Please note that we are qualified only to provide services in relation to law costs.

If there is any doubt in your own mind as to what it is we are supposed to do would you please contact us to clarify any ambiguity. Unless otherwise agreed these terms of business apply to any future instructions you may give to us and we will consider these terms applicable to our ongoing course of dealings unless or until you advise us that you no longer wish to be bound by them. In that event would you please ensure that you write to us and receive an acknowledgment of your communication indicating your wish to be no longer so bound.

Our aim is to complete the work which you have asked us to do speedily and efficiently. We need to work together to do this and from time to time we will need your help in providing us with documents and information. You agree to provide us with documents and information when we ask for them and let us know if there is any change in your circumstances which we may need to take in to account promptly.

We aim to offer our clients a friendly and efficient service, and we understand that you will want to know the basis upon which we will act for you. We therefore set out within the body of this document the main terms that apply as an integral part of our retainer.

Our Responsibilities

We will:

  • Always act in your best interests, subject to our duty to the Court and under statute:
  • Explain to you the risks and benefits of taking legal action and of any alternatives;
  • Give you our best advice; and
  • Give you the best information possible about the likely costs of the action which you are proposing to take, or the work you are asking us to undertake

lf you feel that the level of the service provided falls below the criteria outlined above you should first raise your concern with the person responsible for your case and in the event that you have any continuing concern you should approach the Client Care Director. Our complaints policy is attached.

Your Responsibilities

You will:

  • Give us instructions that allow us to do our work properly;
  • Provide prompt (and not late) and realistic instructions;
  • Not ask us to work in an improper or unreasonable way;
  • Not deliberately mislead us;
  • Cooperate with us; and
  • Make all payments reasonably due to us in accordance with these terms

Hours of Business

Our hours of business are normally 9.00 to 17.00 weekdays. When the office is closed voicemail messages may be left.

Confidentiality and Privilege

Generally speaking the information and documentation which you provide to us is confidential and subject to legal professional privilege. However, in some circumstances, we may be obliged to pass on information which we receive, for example, to the Authorities who deal with money laundering and the Proceeds of Crime Act. You should also note that some methods of communication are not secure, for example mobile telephones and e-mails. Unless you let us know otherwise, we shall assume that you are content for communications to be made by such means even though they are not totally secure. lf there is some particular document or some particular piece of information which you require us specifically not to disclose to some third party, then please make that clear when you supply it to us (though please bear in mind our obligations set out above which may override any requirement that you impose).

From time to time we may be called upon to demonstrate our maintenance of certain professional standards as set by appropriate authorities. Unless you notify us to the contrary we will assume that we have your authority to produce your file for that purpose only as an exception to our duty of confidentiality.

We will assume your consent to the giving of such information, unless you advise us to the contrary.

The Money Laundering Legislation and the Proceeds of Crime Act

Under this legislation we have a duty to notify certain authorities of any transaction which in our opinion may be a breach of the relevant legislation and Regulations made under it. Accordingly, we have no liability to clients if we feel under a duty to make such a notification. Sometimes the law prohibits us from informing you that a notification has been made.

Data Protection Act 1998 and Data Protection Policy

ln acting for you, we shall compile and hold personal data relating to you or your firm/company. This may include sensitive personal data. This will be both in electronic form and part of a paper filing system. Data of this sort is covered by the Data Protection Act 1998. lf you consent to the collection of such personal data, you can be assured we will comply fully with the Act. In general, such data is retained after the conclusion of your case because this is thought to be in your best interests. Our obligations under the Act are in addition to our duty of confidentiality. We sometimes use this data to enable us to identify clients who may wish to be made aware of any legal developments which might affect them. lf you do not wish to receive such material in the future please advise us.

Data Protection Policy

ln acting for you, we shall compile and hold personal data relating to you or your firm/company. This may include sensitive personal data. This will be both in electronic form and part of a paper filing system. Data of this sort is covered by the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. Our obligations under the Act are in addition to our duty of confidentiality. For further information, please refer to our privacy policy which can be sent to upon request and is also available on our website.

Distance Selling Regulations

If your instructions to us have not been given to us at a face to face meeting and you are a consumer, you may have the right to cancel those instructions without any cost to you within seven working days of these instructions being received by us. However, if your instructions to us require urgent action, you will be responsible for our charges for work done up to the date of our receiving cancellation of the retainer. You can cancel the agreement either by delivering a letter or note cancelling your instructions to our office or by sending it by post, fax or e-mail.

Storage of Documents and Production of Documents

At the end of your matter we will store your file of papers and any other documents that you have left with us for such period as we think is appropriate after which time the file will be routinely destroyed. If you would prefer your documents not to be destroyed, you should notify us in writing at which stage your records will be forwarded to you for safe custody. Please note that we are only obliged to produce documents that belong to you and that we are under no obligation to produce documents that we have not charged for preparing.

We do not normally make a charge for retrieving stored papers in response to continuing or new instructions to act for you. However we reserve the right to make a charge for retrieving stored papers in relation to matters which have been concluded based on the time we spend on reading papers, writing letters or other work necessary to comply with your additional instructions.

Limitation on Liability

We carry professional indemnity insurance.  We do not accept liability for any loss or damage in excess of the level of our insurance cover, unless we have agreed a special arrangement with you at the outset of your matter. From time to time the level of our indemnity cover is reviewed and we can tell you the current level if requested.

Property Rights

Title to any document or property created by Renvilles Costs Lawyers & Consultants Ltd shall remain vested in Renvilles Costs Lawyers & Consultants Ltd and shall not pass to you until the fee for the preparation of the document or property has been paid in full and received by us.


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