Our Fees

We understand that flexibility over fees is often a key ingredient of creating and maintaining a strong client relationship. 

That’s why the fees we set, and the time period for payment, are things we like to discuss and agree with clients.  

We are not in the business of charging for every single minute of our time.  Our fees are reasonable and always geared around the amount of value they add for our client.   We carry out extensive market research to ensure our fees levels either match or beat those charged by competitors on average across a representative sample.

We can offer two main fee options:

Standard Service

This service is offered where we are instructed to deal with an individual task, for example the drafting of a costs budget, bill of costs, points of dispute/reply, or advocacy at a hearing. 

We can offer a variety of charging structures, including percentage commission, hourly rates and fixed fees.

Costs Neutral Service

This service is offered where we are instructed to deal with the entire costs assessment/recovery process on behalf of the receiving party.

Our client remains on the Court record and the conducting fee earner has as much or as little input into the process as they require.

The service brings two key benefits to our client:

  1. Our charges for advice, costs negotiations and procedural work incorporate a costs neutral cap whereby those charges are limited to the amount recovered from the paying party in respect of that particular aspect of our work
  2. None of our fees become payable until we have recovered costs from the other side

The service effectively removes any financial burden on our client in respect of Costs Lawyer's fees. It also removes the physical burden of dealing with the costs recovery process. Our client retains as much or as little control of the day to day process as required. The key decisions over things such as acceptance of costs offers remain under their control and we provide our expert support to help the conducting fee earner make those decisions.

If you have any queries about our fees, contact us now.