Costs Budgeting

A complex area where the skill and experience of your Costs Lawyer can prove invaluable.

Most multi-track cases now involve Costs Management Orders.  This forces parties to take a more prospective approach to costs as well as the traditional retrospective approach.

The process can involve a number of pitfalls and hidden complexities. The regime is still developing and frequent rule changes are part of this development. Our team of Costs Lawyers can assist you with every step of the process.  We have been heavily involved in this area of costs since its inception in 2013.  We have drawn and negotiated hundreds of detailed, accurate costs budgets and conducted numerous Costs Case Management Hearings throughout the country.

Our gold standard client care regime operates throughout the process.  This means we promptly acknowledge instructions, inform clients about timescales, expedite matters when required, and keep clients regularly updated.  We are on hand at all times to advise on every aspect of the process.

We recognise that it may be impractical for clients to release paper files at the key stage of preparing a costs budget and therefore offer a service to produce budgets in-house at your offices at no extra charge.

We can assist with the preparation of documents to support budgets such as detailed breakdowns and budgets summaries.  This enables the advocate at the CCMC to set out the basis on which the budgeted sums are sought.

Our Costs Lawyers will typically be involved in negotiating both side’s budget, and can advise on the merits or otherwise of agreeing budgets.

We also offer an advisory and monitoring service which removes the burden on clients having to keep track of budgeted costs.  In the event that budgeted costs become the subject of detailed assessment, we are able to produce appropriately formatted phased bills of costs.  

If you have queries about costs budgeting and management, contact us now.