Costs Advocacy

Costs hearings can often involve technical aspects where the involvement of a specialist costs advocate is essential.

We sometimes appear before Courts where the opposing advocate is highly experienced in their field of law but has very little knowledge of costs law and the relevant procedures and protocols for costs hearings.  As a result, their client misses out on recovering, or striking out, as much costs as they would if they had instructed a true costs specialist.

We have a team of specialist advocates, all of whom are Costs Lawyer qualified and regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board.  Our approach to advocacy is built on a foundation of attention to detail and based on an understanding that extensive preparation is the key to success. 

Over the years we have built up an invaluable knowledge base of the approach typically taken by the judiciary over costs issues.  This puts us at an advantage in many cases. Our track record of success on Detailed Assessment throughout 2019 was an 93% win rate.

We are regularly instructed as advocates at the following types of hearing:

  • CCMC's
  • Detailed Assessments
  • Costs Appeals/reviews
  • Solicitor/Client Assessments

If you have queries about costs advocacy, contact us now.